Achieving Maximum Style for Minimal Effort (and Cost!)

Achieving Maximum Style for Minimal Effort (and Cost!)

Jenny on 12th May 2020

If only we all had the same budget as an interior blogger, or an interior designer on speed dial!

Sadly, for most of us, life gets in the way and our interior lacks time and effort, but it is so simple to achieve a style with minimal effort and cost.

So, follow these tips and you should be able to create a beautiful space.

Consider texture

Texture is the biggest thing for me. You would be amazed at what a cushion, rug and a plant can do to a room! Mix them up and you will get a lovely contrast that naturally adds interest and personality. Pile up the scatter cushions and add rugs to wood floors and invest in some faux (or real if you are green fingered!) hanging plants and pots to instantly transform your living space.

Even if you have carpet, who says your can’t put a rug over the top of it to add additional texture? Use it to create a space within a space – for example, a rug in front of your sofa’s under your coffee table will instantly change that area into a focal point of the room.

Invest in statement pieces – big or small!

Ok – so this is where everyone thinks I am talking about really expensive, large statement pieces like a chesterfield style, velvet, jewel coloured sofa. It could be, if you have the budget! But, small statements can have the same impact.

That is the reason I love quirky, interesting items. Go for a talking point. Create key areas within rooms that become a mini ‘features’, for example; organise your shelves with quirky book ends or dress up a side table with an interesting lamp and some cheeky accessories and you will immediately see a difference. 


Again, an extremely important aspect of interiors that regularly gets over looked. A simply decorated room can be transformed with good lighting. I love a bit of industrial lighting, with large metal pendants and wall sconces from Industville. I invested in a 5 wire pendant light for my snug room and it just looks brilliant and creates a natural focal point for the room.

Alternatively, if you think the Industrial look is a bit ‘done’, then why not consider a fabulous, quirky lampshade from the awesome Love Frankie. We now stock all their handmade lampshades and I can’t wait to find a space for one.

If that seems a bit much, you can make your statement with lamps with bold coloured shades and quirky bases, like our gold flamingo leg lamp or our bashful monkey lamp. 

Go on! Give it a go. I promise you will not be disappointed and it won’t break the bank in the process. We have various items on our site that can help you to achieve your style statement. Check it out and be brave!