Tips for Styling your Space

Tips for Styling your Space

Jenny on 7th Mar 2020

Do you feel your interior needs a little pick-me-up? You may have just moved in, or maybe it is just time to change things up in your interiors?

Here are some little interior design tips to help you make that change and create your home style statement.

1. Always plan your scheme prior to embarking on painting or wallpapering those walls. Create moor boards, save pins in Pinterest and get as many colour swatches as possible! Once you have decided on your style idea try not to deviate from it too much and introduce other styles, it will look confused and messy.

As part of this I always work with a dominant colour to style around. This is an easier way to develop your scheme. For example, if you are working with neutrals make sure you have a colour that ‘pops’ out in your accessories so it doesn’t look too insipid. Greys are lovely, but without a warmer colour the space can just look a little boring, so inject a blush pink or yellow for example. If bolder colours are your thing, then go for it, but try to keep a dominant colour throughout with other statement colours only making an entrance in accessories and artwork. 


2. Try to avoid ‘over styling’ your space. Remember that less is more and be careful not to feel the need to fill every single gap. Sometimes, when we see Instagram or Bloggers houses they are full to the brim of beautiful items and we want to replicate it. In real life this isn’t practical and in some cases can be a little too ostentatious.

Leaving some empty space will accentuate the pieces you do have. My mother always gave me this advice about jewellery - put it all on and then take one item off. This is a relevant saying for interiors too!

3. Creating a sense of balance is the key to success with styling. Think of rooms as a landscape and introduce different height and widths to create interest. I love using floor lamps, footstools, bookcases or shelves and hanging pot plants for this. Don’t forget about hanging artwork either, hang wall décor above a chair or sofa to bring attention to the wall.4. Consider the layout of your furniture. A lot of designers will say move your furniture away from walls to create space which is the ideal, however in a lot of homes (mainly due to space) this just isn’t possible. An alternative is to create a ‘conversation’ area.

4. The best way to organise your furniture in a lounge is to position your sofa with a couple of other chairs at either side in a U shape with a rug and coffee table to create a conversational area rather than sitting all in a long line. Although the TV tends to dominant living rooms and furniture gets put in a position to ‘best see the TV!’ it doesn’t make for the most inviting interior styling! 


5. Blank walls! Argh! Massive pet hate of mine! Every time I watch reality TV programmes that include people’s homes (not mentioning any names!) I am aghast at how many people have blank walls! Wall art or décor need to be a key part of your styling process. Consider the type of wall décor goes with your scheme and then plan where to position it based on your furniture layout. Don’t be intimidated by a big, windowless wall! Get creative and think of ways to use this as a blank canvas. I typically go for a big gallery wall because I love art, but there is a big trend for material wall hangings, macramé and plate displaying at the moment. 

6. I’m banging on about statement pieces again! But, scale is really important to consider when styling. A larger statement item will make a much bigger impact. Opt for fewer large pieces that will really stand out in the room.

7. Mirrors are key to dark, small spaces. Create light and space by putting a mirror in rooms that need more light or depth. Interior designers regularly use mirrors to bounce light into dark corners and create the look of a larger space

8. Cushions and throws are an obvious one for styling and probably something you feel a bit more confident in choosing. Throws are amazing for adding additional texture on the sides and tops of a sofa. With cushions the trick is to karate chop them at the top! (I have literally only just learnt this tip myself!) They should be plump and inviting – flat pancake cushions are not a good look! Try buying feather cushion pads that are 2 inches bigger than the cushion cover to make them really plump.

9. Try to group things in odd numbers. Single items will look instantly better when grouped.

10. Adding in plants (real or faux) is a great way to revitalise your space, introducing a bit of nature and a pop of colour. Plants really do bring a room to life - whether it’s a small succulent or a big Banana plant or Yucca - get some green into your home. 

Overall, have a fun with it! Making your interior beautiful should be a joyful thing to do and something that you love living in. Although I follow trends, I also tend to design to the way I want to live and ensure to mix up my new and old items to create my own style statement. After all you are the one living in it! :)