Bubblegum Portrait 5

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Product Description

The ‘Bubblegum’ series features well to-do ladies in all their finery, letting go of their strict etiquette that causes them to go unnoticed, instead leting their bubblegum habit add a little mischief to their portraits. Each artwork is printed on stretched art canvas and mounted in a painted wooden frame.

Bubble-gum art print: a contemporary experience in an eighteenth-century painting. But isn't it wonderful? The lady's expression is cloaked in irony and invites you to play, your gaze cannot help but stare at that sweet pink bubble-gum and challenge the rigid conventions - aesthetic and social. It is the subtle seduction of other times, it is the unspoken saying of times when the look was fundamental. And here bubblegum highlights it better than any mascara, makeup or deception. Femininity goes well with style and decor, breaking with tradition and obviousness: it is the revenge of classic models, which come out of antique canvases and take to the streets of the twenty-first century to enter our homes, to climb on our walls, crouch on our floors or hang from our ceilings.  So those classical models become framed works of art.  Men and women of the Bubblegum collection are authentic, pure sardonic and intuitive art. A genuine eye-catcher. 

Available as a print in a standard black box frame or as a stretched framed canvas:



  Mini       :   50.8cm  x   40.6cm  x 3.2 cm  / 20.00” x 15.98” x 1.25”   Mini       :   50.8cm x  40.6cm   x 4.00cm  / 20.00”  x 15.98” x 1.57”
  Small     :   81.3cm  x   66.0cm  x 3.2 cm  / 32.00” x 25.90” x 1.25”   Small     :   81.3cm x  66.0cm   x 4.00cm  / 32.00”  x 25.90” x 1.57”
  Medium : 127.0cm  x 101.6cm  x 3.2 cm  / 50.00” x 40.00” x 1.25”   Medium : 127.0cm x 101.6cm  x 4.00 cm  / 50.00” x 40.00” x 1.57”
  Large     : 172.7cm  x 137.2cm  x 3.2cm  /  67.99” x 54.02” x 1.25”   Large     : 172.7cm x 137.2cm  x 4.00cm  / 67.99”  x 54.02” x 1.57”


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